The Snow Queen episode 1-8 synopsis

Episode 1
On a snow mountain in Lapland, Finland, Han Deuk-gu has arrived in search of The Snow Queen’s palace and his lost love… During autumn in 1998, Han Tae-woong enters a renowned science college. There, he meets the gifted Kim Jeong-kyu who sees him as a competitor. Tae-woong saves high school girl Bora from some delinquent girls and Bora gives him a pager. The college plans to submit Tae-woong and Jeong-kyu’s thesis papers for a competition. Tae-woong walks out in anger after Jeong-kyu accuses him of plagiarism. He rushes to the airport when he receives Bora’s message for help. It turns out that Bora has left home to visit a palace in Lapland described in the fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen’. Tae-woong is proven innocent and Jeong-kyu apologises to him. But their friendship turns sour when Tae-woong wins a gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad. Tae-woong feels sorry and buys a pair of boxer gloves for Jeong-kyu, only to receive a letter from him and news of his death?

Episode 2
Tae-woong’s future changes totally after Jeong-kyu’s death. 8 years on, he has become a boxer and changed his name to Deuk-gu. He visits his friend Choong-shik at a hospital and sees Bora threatening to kill herself. He saves her but they do not recognise each other. The next day, they meet again and argue over Choong-shik at the shop where he works. Choong-shik is fired as a result and Deuk-gu goes to Bora’s house to seek redress. He sees her running away and accompanies her to a beach where she mutters softly at her brother’s grave but Deuk-gu mistakes it for her mother’s. Deuk-gu sends Bora home and is humiliated by her dad who thinks Deuk-gu is after their wealth. Bora argues with her dad over Deuk-gu and is ordered to go overseas. She apologises to Deuk-gu at the boxing school and tells him she is going to a faraway place. Bora disappears and her dad sends his man to ask Deuk-gu about her whereabouts. Deuk-gu finds Bora at the beach and stops her from jumping into the sea…

Episode 3
Deuk-gu saves Bora and tells her to cherish her life. Bora’s dad is very grateful to Deuk-gu and Bora sends Deuk-gu many gifts. Seung-ri asks Bora to give Deuk-gu up after finding out that she is a socialite. Bora has drinks with Deuk-gu and expresses her love for him while she is drunk. The next day, she goes for a check-up and runs into Dr Suh Gun-woo whom she met during match-making. Gun-woo starts to woo her. Bora visits Deuk-gu and changes into his clothes when she is splashed with filthy water. Thinking that Bora has slept with Deuk-gu, Seung-ri humiliates her and Deuk-gu insists that Seung-ri apologises. Deuk-gu sees his long-lost mother while out buying Seung-ri’s birthday present but loses sight of her. Seung-ri receives a birthday message from Deuk-gu and mistakes Bora’s dress for her present from Deuk-gu. Seung-ri apologises to Bora but is insulted for wearing the dress and she takes it off in anger. Deuk-gu finds out that his mother is steeped in debts.

Episode 4
Deuk-gu works as Bora’s driver to pay his mother’s debts and Bora makes things difficult for him. Gun-woo asks to be together with Bora but she rejects him and says him that she is still in love with Tae-woong whom she knew from his younger days. Deuk-gu drives Bora to school but she alights along the way to attend a fashion show. After searching everywhere for Bora, Deuk-gu finally finds and saves her from a hooligan who is harassing her. Deuk-gu’s mother goes to the boxing school and is upset to find out about his life now. Deuk-gu tells Bora that he wants to quit and Bora agrees to go back to school to make him stay. Bora is shocked at Deuk-gu’s performance in school and suspects that he is not whom he seems to be. Bora gradually accepts Gun-woo who is impressed with Deuk-gu’s talent. At the library, Deuk-gu brings up the incident whereby Bora ran away from home during her college days and Bora realises he is that ‘big brother’ whom she has been thinking of day and night.

Episode 5
Bora is stunned to know that Deuk-gu and Tae-woong are the same person. She recalls the day she waited for him 8 years ago. Bora is complimented for her school work that Deuk-gu did for her and is unable to explain it in class. Deuk-gu arrives in time to receive punishment on her behalf. Bora is rushed to the hospital when she faints and Deuk-gu finds out that she is suffering from myasthenia gravis. Deuk-gu stays out for the entire night over his mother’s debts and the worried Bora goes out to look for him. Deuk-gu loses his temper when Bora keeps asking questions upon finding him. When Bora finds out the truth, she advises him to continue seeking his mother’s forgiveness and she asks him why he stood her up that day 8 years ago. Deuk-gu is reminded of Jeong-kyu and remains silent, which causes Bora to misunderstand. Bora asks Deuk-gu out to the amusement park but is stood up again due to a misunderstanding. The angry Bora suggests to Gun-woo that they start seeing each other.

Episode 6
Bora starts seeing Gun-woo and introduces him to her dad who gives them his blessing. Later, Bora tells Gun-woo that she has met her first love – the ‘big brother’ but Gun-woo does not mind. Deuk-gu obtains his mother’s forgiveness after much effort. A Math Professor in Bora’s university recognises Deuk-gu’s talent and gives him individual tuition. Bora attends the ground-breaking ceremony of her father’s project in the countryside and cuts her leg during an argument with Deuk-gu. She receives stitches without anaesthesia which she is allergic to and it hurts Deuk-gu. The latter tells Gun-woo about Bora’s injury and Gun-woo rushes over. Seeing Gun-woo’s concern for Bora, Deuk-gu gives them his blessing. The next day, Seung-ri runs into Gun-woo and reveals how Deuk-gu had met Bora in his college days. Gun-woo suspects that Deuk-gu is in love with Bora. Deuk-gu’s college classmate Hong Ji-hye starts her residency at Gun-woo’s hospital and meets Deuk-gu whom she has not seen in 8 years…

Episode 7
Gun-woo finds out about the relationship between Deuk-gu and Bora, and expresses his love for Bora again. Deuk-gu accompanies Bora while she does her revision in school and finds himself falling for her. Deuk-gu is touched to know his mother has kept his college textbooks, medals and the old storybook ‘The Snow Queen’. Bora is ecstatic when it starts to snow and Deuk-gu kisses her. The shocked Bora slaps him and goes home. The next day, Bora refuses to accept his apology and asks her dad to get a new driver. Ji-hye sees the dejected Deuk-gu at the hospital and they reminisce about their college days. She consoles Deuk-gu that he did not cause Jeong-kyu’s death. Gun-woo tells Ji-hye that Bora is Jeong-kyu’s younger sister. Bora becomes temperamental after Deuk-gu leaves and Gun-woo consoles her. Bora blames her mother for abandoning their family and refuses to acknowledge her. She leaves home very worked up. Deuk-gu finds her at the boxing school and embraces her in his arms…

Episode 8
Bora confides in Deuk-gu and reveals that her brother, and not her mother, is the one who passed away and pleads with Deuk-gu to bring her to her brother’s grave. At the beach, Bora forgives Deuk-gu for kissing her and thanks him for keeping her company during her difficult times. Gun-woo waits for them at the boxing school through the night and punches Deuk-gu upon seeing him the next morning. Gun-woo tells Bora about his doubts and things become more complicated for the three of them. Bora’s mother asks to see Bora in future. Bora’s father is reminded of his dead son, especially when he goes to their old house and sees the things there. Gun-woo attends a gathering among his former classmates and introduces Bora to everyone there in his drunken state, saying that they will get married. Bora quarrels with Gun-woo again. The next day, she asks to break up with him. Meanwhile, Deuk-gu finds out from Ji-hye that Bora is Jeong-kyu’s younger sister.

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