The Snow Queen episode 9-16 synopsis

Episode 9
Deuk-gu finds out that Bora is Jeong-kyu’s sister and he feels very guilty towards her family. Overcome with guilt, Deuk-gu stays at Jeong-kyu’s grave until dawn. Bora is worried when Deuk-gu does not appear for work. When she finds him sick at the boxing school, Bora takes good care of him. Gun-woo asks Bora if she is willing to return to his side and even presents her with a ring. However she turns him down. It is then that Gun-woo realises she has really fallen for Deuk-gu. Bora starts to get worried when Deuk-gu remains semi-unconscious. Although initially Gun-woo is reluctant to help her, he eventually agrees. Deuk-gu finally regains consciousness under the care of Gun-woo and Bora. Deuk-gu brings Bora to his mother’s hotel and tells her that it will be the last time he is bringing her here because she is Jeong-kyu’s sister. When Bora leaves, Deuk-gu tells himself it is high time to break up with Bora.

Episode 10
Bora hugs Deuk-gu and tells him that she has really fallen for him but Deuk-gu refuses to believe it and remains in denial of the truth. The next day, Deuk-gu comes to Bora’s house to tell her that he cannot reciprocate the feelings but Bora tells him again that she is serious. Bora looks up Deuk-gu at the boxing school but learns that he has gone on a holiday. After hearing about Deuk-gu’s past from his mother, the boxing school owner decides to let Deuk-gu take part in the competition again as an outlet to vent his frustrations. Bora is hurt when she looks for Deuk-gu to ask him if they can be on normal terms again but Deuk-gu appears indifferent. Deuk-gu momentarily forgets about his relationship problems during the first half of the competition. However, when Bora comes to look for him and he coldly rejects her, Deuk-gu starts to falter in the competition. Guilty of his attitude towards her, Deuk-gu is beaten up badly in the competition leaving Bora crying in a corner.

Episode 11
Despite winning the competition, Deuk-gu still feels depressed. Whenever he thinks of Bora standing alone in the crowd crying, Deuk-gu’s heart aches. Bora falls ill after Deuk-gu’s competition. Upon seeing Bora so frail and ill, her housekeeper’s daughter seeks Deuk-gu’s help but he says that he will not visit her. When Bora recovers, she tries to stop thinking of Deuk-gu. Deuk-gu’s Math Professor treats him to a piano solo recital when he visits him. At the recital, Deuk-gu finds Bora sitting next to him. Her presence is a reminder of the pain he feels. Gun-woo is disappointed when Bora looks him up at the hospital and suggests they do not meet again. Suspicious of Deuk-gu’s real identity, Gun-woo begins his own investigations. He finally comes to a conclusion that Han Deuk-gu and Han Tae-woong are the same person…

Episode 12
Bora asks her father about Han Tae-woong, her brother’s best friend. Instead, her father gets really agitated and tells her never to see him because he is the cause of Jeong-kyu’s death. When Gun-woo seeks Deuk-gu for verification, he admits it and pleads with Gun-woo to take good care of Bora. He also hopes that Gun-woo will help him hide the truth. When Gun-woo goes to Bora’s house in the middle of the night to beg her to stop liking Deuk-gu, Bora is confused. The more the people around her refuse to let her see Tae-woong, the more she feels the urge to see him. Bora comes to the hospital to look for Ji-hye in hopes of some news but in a twist of fate she learns the truth. At night, Bora reveals to Deuk-gu that she knows the truth. They arrange to meet at school where Deuk-gu confesses his feelings to Bora but she is so angry that she says she will never forgive him.

Episode 13
Bora meets Deuk-gu again on campus. Deuk-gu reassures Bora that he will not love her or think about her again. Bora’s father learns from Gun-woo that Deuk-gu is indeed Tae-woong. He also finds out about Deuk-gu’s romance with Bora. When Bora returns home, her father forbids her to leave the house again. Bora’s father demands that Deuk-gu leave Korea immediately and vanishes from their sight. When Bora learns of her father’s demands, she tells her father that Jeong-kyu’s death has nothing to do with Deuk-gu. In the night, Bora begs her father to allow her to go overseas and to accept punishment on Deuk-gu’s behalf. The next day, she arrives at the hospital to tell Gun-woo that she is leaving to further her studies. Gun-woo tells Deuk-gu about it but the latter says he will not give chase because he should learn how to let go. Deuk-gu heads for the amusement park where he shared happy memories with Bora. As the night beckons and the crowd has dwindled, Bora appears before his eyes…

Episode 14
Bora is very touched when Deuk-gu tells her that he will never leave her side. Bora’s father chases her out of the house. Left with no choice, she seeks Deuk-gu’s help. Deuk-gu arranges for her to stay at Seung-ri’s house. When Deuk-gu finds out that Bora has decided to earn her own keep, he is very angry. However, Bora insists she is willing to do so. After reading Bora’s health reports, Gun-woo suspects Bora has a tumour in her chest glands. After Choong-shik and Deuk-gu once again become friends, Choong-shik suggests that Deuk-gu bring Bora and his friends from the boxing school to head for the ski resort for some fun. Bora and Deuk-gu have a romantic time together. Back at Seoul, Bora feels pains in her chest as she accompanies Deuk-gu while he is studying. Bora heads to the hospital for a check-up and Gun-woo confirms that she has a tumour in her chest glands.

Episode 15
Bora slowly realises her condition is worsening and seeks confirmation from the hospital. Gun-woo decides to tell her the truth as well. This comes as a huge blow to Bora. Unable to accept the fact that she will leave behind Deuk-gu and her father, Bora decides to undergo treatment. Deuk-gu spends the whole night and successfully solves the mathematical problems. Excited, Deuk-gu decides to propose to Bora but she turns him down. Back at Seung-ri’s house, Bora starts packing her luggage to return home. Deuk-gu begs her not to leave but Bora lies to him and says that she cannot stand living in such a terrible environment. Deuk-gu finds it hard to believe her excuse. Bora arrives at the hospital for treatment while Gun-woo informs Bora’s father about her health. Bora’s father forgives Bora and tells her she must live on courageously. Unable to resist herself any longer, Bora calls Deuk-gu. He rushes down to the hospital, unable to accept the fact that Bora has cancer.

Episode 16
Deuk-gu accompanies Bora during her treatment. For Bora’s sake, he decides to give up going to America for his studies but Bora is very angry when she finds out about this. She hopes that she will not be a burden to Deuk-gu. After Bora awakes from a coma, she pleads with Deuk-gu to take her away from the hospital to go to Lapland. Deuk-gu agrees and the two of them decide to head elsewhere for Bora’s recuperation and to enjoy the last moments of their happiness. However, Bora’s health condition worsens every day. When Deuk-gu tries getting Bora to wake up, she can no longer open her eyes. To fulfil Bora’s last wish, Deuk-gu arrives at Lapland himself. Many years later, Deuk-gu successfully becomes a Professor. Back at Bora’s school, Deuk-gu indistinctly sees Bora sitting on the bench opposite smiling at him.

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