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Triunfo del Amor (Triumph of Love) is a Mexican telenovela starring Maite Perroni, William Levy, Victoria Ruffo, Osvaldo Ríos, Pablo Montero, Diego Olivera and César Évora as the main protagonists. Dominika Paleta, Guillermo García Cantú and Daniela Romo as the main antagonists/villains. It is based on El Privilegio de Amar (1998), a remake of Delia Fiallo's classic Cristal, which aired from 1985–1986. The telenovela aired on El Canal de las Estrellas on October 25, 2010, sharing half an hour with Soy tu dueña. Univision aired Triunfo del amor in the United States from January 3, 2011 to August 1, 2011 at 9pm/8pm central, airing double hours twice from February 28 to March 29, 2011, and May 16 to June 3, 2011 from 9pm/8pm central to 11pm/10pm central.

Victoria Sandoval (Victoria Ruffo) is introduced as a young servant working in the Iturbide's household. Juan Pablo Iturbide Montejo (Diego Olivera), the future priest, son of Octavio (Eduardo Santamarina) and Bernarda (Daniela Romo) is attracted to Victoria, the attraction is mutual.

In a night, Victoria becomes pregnant with Juan Pablo's child. Bernarda is furious upon discovering Victoria's pregnancy and kicks her out of the house. Victoria finds support from her friend, Antonieta Orzoco (Erika Buenfil) and together they find work in a Humberto Padilla's sewing company, owned by Rodolfo Padilla (Salvador Pineda) the father of Federico (Fernanda's ex-boyfriend) (Manuel Garcia Muela). Victoria gives birth to a little girl and names her.

Although they are poor, Victoria is nonetheless happy, but her happiness is soon interrupted. Bernarda intent on revenge, convinces herself that God has chosen her to enact his punishment on Victoria. She attempts to kill Victoria and her daughter, but instead only succeeds in separating them.

In Couple Years later, Victoria eventually succeeds in establishing a major fashion designer empire alongside her friend Antonieta. Victoria is happily married to Osvaldo (Osvaldo Ríos) a popular actor, who has two children, Max" (William Levy) and Fernanda "Fer" (Livia Brito). Victoria seems happy with the life that she leads, but secretly suffers and tormented by the absence of her missing daughter, Maria.

Meanwhile, Maria Desamparada Iturbide Sandoval "Maria Forsaken" (Maite Perroni) is now a young woman who is ready to leave the orphanage where she grew up. On her way she befriends and moves in with Linda Sortini (Dorismar) and Nati Duval (Susana Diazayas). Maria's aspirations to be a great model lead her to the most famous designer of the moment, Victoria. But far from being a friendly boss, Victoria treats her with contempt and arrogance, especially since Maria is compared to a younger version of Victoria. Maria does not let Victoria's negative attitude affect her work, and it is in the workplace where she meets Max. Max and Maria fall in love, but their love is rejected by Victoria, and she plots with Max's ex-girlfriend and fashion model Ximena de Alba (Dominika Paleta) to separate the two. Together they hatch a plot in which Max mistakenly ends up believing that he impregnated Ximena with his child, and is forced to marry her.

Meanwhile, Maria is really pregnant with Max's child, but keeps her pregnancy a secret. She sacrifices her love and happiness so that Max can fulfill his mother's wishes to marry Ximena. She seeks solace from Juan Pablo, who is now a respected priest, and, unknown to her, is also her real father. Padilla and El Alacran (Sergio Acosta) burn Maria's neighborhood's home and now they have to move. Bernarda owns the place where they live now Her identity is revealed to him in a secret confession from his mother Bernarda; he is therefore unable to reveal himself, as he is bound by the laws of confession. Maria also finds support in Ximena's renown photographer Alonso del Angel (Mark Tacher). He helps Maria through her pregnancy, and eventually aids her return to the modeling world. He falls in love with Maria, though Maria cannot reciprocate his love as she continues to love Max. Victoria deals with her hidden past by focusing on her fashion label; her husband feels increasingly isolated from her and consoles himself with another woman, Maria's friend and roommate, Linda. However, Osvaldo also hides secrets from his past; while everyone believes Max's biological mother Leonela Montenegro (Mónica Ayos) is dead, she is, in fact, alive, and in jail. Osvaldo is hated by his supposed "friend" Guillermo Quintana (Guillermo García Cantú), out of jealousy for both the relationship he once had with Leonela, and for Osvaldo's fame and fortune. He sets out on a path to destroy Osvaldo and his family, and begins by impregnating Ximena, and goes along with the plot to pass the child as Max's.

Max eventually finds out that Ximena's child isn't really his, but Guillermo's, which destroys his marriage. Max ends up maintaining custody of the child since he deems Ximena unfit to take care of him. He also learns that Maria is pregnant with his real son, and they are reunited. Ximena unites with Bernarda to destroy Sandoval's family; Bernarda buys full control of Victoria's failing fashion label, and enlisting Ximena as her star model. Victoria's happiness continues to disintegrate as she discovers her husband's infidelity, the fact that his first wife Leonela is still alive, and that Victoria has breast cancer. Bernarda, also abducts Maria's son, which also hurts Victoria as he is her grandchild; mother and daughter bond over this mutual pain, though not understanding why the bond is so deep. El Alacran was killed by Bernarda and then Rodolfo was killed in a shootout by the police officers.

Eventually, Victoria discovers the truth regarding her daughter's identity, and is troubled to learn that the girl she had worked so hard to destroy is in fact her daughter. Bernarda was caught on fire at her home, then she was arrested for the murder of Tomasa and goes to prison, stabbed by the inmate, and release from prison.

Meanwhile, she plans to get rid of Maria and sets her abduction. Victoria runs to her aid but it falls on a lure and also pitched for it with Maria is kidnapped in an abandoned warehouse. Maria learns from the lips of Victoria was Bernarda who abuse the night is lost to Maria. Max and Osvaldo, with Alonso, Fernanda and father anxiously awaiting Juan Pablo at the home of Victoria's call demanding the ransom the kidnappers of the two. Victoria is suffering by believing the illusion that one shot killed her daughter. The kidnappers are captured by federal agents after attempting to set a trap and collect the ransom money, while Victoria is released in a wasteland on the outskirts of Mexico City. Victoria discovers the deception and runs to rescue his daughter Maria, still sequestered in the abandoned warehouse.

After the kidnapping, Alonso proposes marriage to Maria and she accepts. But Alonso is made aware by Ximena that he is infected by a virus that is destroying him and can cause death at any time.

Therefore, Alonso rejects Maria and abandons her at the altar of the Church. Guillermo and Osvaldo are hired by Televisa for a production and in the middle of filming, Guillermo "drops" Osvaldo, who falls from a hill to end up in a river but he survives. The producer watches the tape can not believe the incident and dismisses Guillermo filming with the promise that he will never get a contract for any other production. Alonso dies from the virus and Maria receives a video recording of Alonso where this tells Maria that if she was happy at her side and not mortified by his death.

Casa Victoria and Casa Bernarda face in a fashion contest. The winner of the night turns out to be Casa Victoria, with Maria as the flagship model of the moment. But the happiness of Victoria last only a moment, when Maria's nose begins to bleed and she loses consciousness. Maria is taken to hospital, where Dr. Heriberto Rios Bernal (César Évora) tells Victoria that Maria has Phase 1 disease and acquired the same virus that killed Alonso and must remain isolated to prevent future infections. Victoria goes mad with grief and Bernarda took the opportunity to take Juan Pablito's home, where she plans to make him a priest when he grows up, to make up for the sins she has made in the past. Max refuses to stay away from the love of Maria and removes the cloth insulation. He lays next to Maria, where he acquires the virus, bleeds from his nose as Maria did, and passes out.

Meanwhile, Bernarda is arrested by federal authorities when evidence that she was the mastermind of the kidnapping of the son of Maria in the past. Leonela learns the location of Max and goes to hospital, where he communicates Leonela, Heriberto, Victoria and Max is in Phase 2 of the disease and that his situation is more delicate than that of Maria. Max passes through the virus and Victoria helps her daughter Maria get over the virus. Milagros (Carmen Salinas) and Don Napo (Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez) marry with friends and family. Cruz (Pablo Montero) and Fer decide to adopt.

Then, Bernarda was food poisoned while eating food and drink wine, she was trapped in the car and caught on fire, she's breaks the window and gets out of her car, kills Eva, then she's on the run by police officers, goes on a plane and dies in a plane crash. Roxana, Ximena's mother (Úrsula Prats) was arrested by the cops at Sandoval's house. Guillermo was stabbed by Ximena, but he's survived. Osvaldo got call by his friend, and spent a rest of the season in from Mexico City and to Spain. Leonela was crashed by Ximena with a broken glass, but she was survived. Ximena arrives at Max and Maria's wedding, attempting to kill Maria, but fails and runs away to Guillermo's house. Guillermo and Ximena was commit suicide, when they drive off a cliff and explode.

So at the end, Maria and Max are happily in love with their two kids Juan Pablito and Osvaldito. Victoria is happy with her boyfriend Heriberto and her family. Fer is happy with her husband Cruz and their adopted daughter Victoria Cruz-Sandoval. Leonola is happy with her two grandkids, her son and daughter in law Maria. It ends with Maria and Max in a romantic boat talking about all the obstacles they've overcome with their love, while the special guest appearance by Marco Di Mauro sings "A Partir de Hoy" in the background.

Only true love can triumph over all the tricks, traps, intrigue, treachery and wickedness that seek to destroy, only then can there be the triumph of love and finally at the end the triumph of love is complete.

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