Zuria Vega: Star of Un Refugio Para El Amor celebrated her birthday

Zuria Vega, star of Un Refugio Para El Amor celebrated her birthday on the forum 2 of Televisa San Angel, along with Ignacio Sada, the cast, production and release.

I did not expect the surprise, I was fixing my hair and rushing, I do not understand why such a hurry, but it was a very nice surprise, I am very happy.” 

The actress confessed that this is not the first time celebrated in a television forum, as it always has fortunately been a project in hand.

I have been every year my birthday working thanks to God.
Zuria also gave details about his age and the gifts he has received, “turns 23, you can still know (laughs) I have already received gifts from my dad and some friends.

Despite being his birthday, the protagonist does not celebrate this day with your family, it has a very long day, “Festejaré working, because I have a pretty long call, I do not go out at night, but we’ll see if the end of week “.
With respect to her character in a shelter for love, Vega said feeling very comfortable, excited and grateful to production.
"Luciana’ is a humble girl by fate and life will get to travel to the capital, is a classic love story, but adequate to the times of today, is a girl full of life, but at the same time is a very focused girl.

‘Luciana’ is a country woman, so that its image is a bit humble, a situation which they feel comfortable Zuria.
I like the look of ‘Luciana, everyone is different and most parents, hopefully people will like.”

The star said what is the challenge of his role: “This character has to steal a smile if she smiles and a tear to cry, then there’s the challenge, and hope you like it,” she said.

Do not miss the premiere of Un Refugio Para El Amor this February 6, 4 pm by El Canal de las Estrellas.

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