Rosario Tijeras: A Telenovela with Attitude

Rosario Tijeras is a Colombian drama. It is an adaptation of a novel by the same name. Rosario, the protagonist, played by Maria Fernanda Yepez, was raised in the slums and raped by a local gang. After the rape – her friend was also murdered by an infamous drug lord – she seeks revenge, and gets it by killing the drug lord. Word spreads fast, and, in a reversal of expectations, a gang hires her to become an assassin and from that moment she works for the new mafia boss.

The show has murders, betrayal, fast money and beautiful women and appears to make riveting television. It was one of Colombia’s top-rated shows of 2010. When the series began airing on Telefutura in the US in September 2010 it delivered the highest rated series finale in the history of the network. (Columbia is the third largest Latin American country after Brazil and Mexico, and, sadly, one of the most dangerous places on the planet.)

Rosario Tijeras is a story of legendary Rosario Tijeras life. Rosario is a beautiful, passionate and dangerous woman. She was brought up in a scary world of killers, and she demonstrated her hot temper and warlike spirit in the very youth, when she took vengeance on her enemy (the man who violated her) with ordinary scissors in her hand. Rosario was always balancing on the sharp blade between good and bad, but her passionate love, her temper could drive her to death penalty.

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