Un Refugio para el Amor Capitulo 4 Telenovela

Un Refugio para el Amor is full of suspense and intrique, and also decorated with tempestuous love story that makes it is always interesting to watch.

Follow the story of Un Refugio para el Amor, as this is currently the most popular telenovelas. Do not forget to always come back to Telenovela Kingdom this site to keep abreast of the continuation of this story.

Un Refugio para el Amor Capitulo 4 first concern about Roselena (Laura Flores) and Maximin (Roberto Blandon) who got the info from The doctor that Patrick (Brandon Peniche) has been quadriplegic and is therefore lost all movement, their parents can not believe.

Luciana (Zuria Vega) is not willing to marry Don Achilles (Humberto Elizondo), so make every effort to pay every cent of debt owed ​​to Galdino (Jose Carlos Ruiz).

Then, Un Refugio para el Amor Capitulo 4, also concern about Don Achilles who is holding the papers of the house and land Galdino, your plan is to marry Luciana to show them.

Later Don Achilles and Luciana are found, it requires you to marry him and destroy the papers for the acceptance.

Lawrence (Erick Diaz) confronts Don Achilles, this is annoying, he take the neck and ensures that he always get what he wants.

For its part, Roselena concerned Patrick that he does not know who will give the news.

With tears in his eyes, Rodrigo (Gabriel Soto) informs Patrick that has been quadriplegic, full of pain, he begs for forgiveness. What Next?

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