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Aurora is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.This telenovela was sold to 11 countries around the world.

Telemundo will air the serial Monday through Friday over about 26 weeks during the 2010-2011 season. As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

It stars Sara Maldonado, Eugenio Siller, and Jorge Luis Pila as the protagonists.

Set in New York City, the story begins in 1990 with a 19-year-old dancer named Aurora Ponce de León (Sara Maldonado). She attends New York School of the Arts with her two best friends, Natalia Suarez (Talina Duclaud) and Vanessa Miller (Vanessa Pose). One night after a dance rehearsal, they all go to a bar, where Aurora meets Lorenzo Lobos (Eugenio Siller), a dance instructor and single father. Aurora and Lorenzo fall madly in love. Vanessa, who had always been jealous of Aurora, is infuriated by this because she too is in love with Lorenzo. She tried everything to separate the two, going as far as inviting Lorenzo to Aurora's lavish twentieth birthday party (Lorenzo was unaware Aurora was wealthy), where she makes sure he sees Federico Álvarez de Toledo kiss Aurora. Lorenzo storms off, believing he has been betrayed. Aurora runs after Lorenzo and declares her love for him. It doesn't work and Lorenzo wants nothing more to do with Aurora. Aurora returns home heartbroken and after an argument with her father, Gustavo (Braulio Castillo), she faints. Gustavo takes her to his cryogenic clinic to run tests. It is discovered that Aurora is pregnant with Lorenzo's baby. Her father refuses to tell Lorenzo about the pregnancy and sends her as far away from him as possible. A few months pass and Aurora trys to run away and return to Lorenzo, but she falls and goes into labor. She gives birth to a girl, who she names Blanca. Aurora becomes very ill and on her deathbed, calls Lorenzo, and says to him with her dying breath, "I will always love you." Lorenzo hears a flat line and all the commotion. Gustavo decides to freeze Aurora in a cryogenic capsule.

Twenty years pass. Lorenzo (now played by Jorge Luis Pila) has been married to Natalia (now played by Sandra Destenave) for fifteen years. Along with Lorenzo's son, Martín (Eugenio Siller), and Natalia's daughter, Nina (Talina Duclaud), they have also adopted a son, Cesar (Pablo Azar). Lorenzo is content with his wife and children, but Aurora is always in the back of his mind. Gustavo decides to reanimate Aurora without permission from the medical board in his clinic. When she wakes up, she meets Martín, who looks exactly like Lorenzo did twenty years ago. Martín falls instantly in love with Aurora. Aurora escapes the clinic and runs to see her true love, Lorenzo, only to find out he is now married to her childhood best friend. Later, Lorenzo visits Aurora in the clinic. Lorenzo runs after her, but loses her. Blanca (Lisette Morelos), Aurora and Lorenzo's daughter, was raised believing she is Aurora's sister. Ines and Gustavo lie to Blanca that the girl she saw is Aurora's daughter, who is also named Aurora. Martin tells his father the same thing. Both men are confused, as the mother and daughter look identical, because they are actually one and the same. Aurora later moves back home with her parents and Blanca, wondering what will happen with her life.

Aurora takes on two identities, her true self, Aurora Ponce de León, and "Aurora Álvarez de Toledo" (nicknamed "Aurorita"), the daughter she supposedly had with Federico Álvarez de Toledo (Ismael la Rosa). Lorenzo at first believes that "Aurorita" could be his daughter but "Aurorita" proves this is not true by seducing him. Aurora is forced to tell Blanca that Lorenzo is her father after Blanca starts developing feelings for Martín, her half-brother. Aurora is hypnotized and manipulated by Elizabeth (Mónica Franco), her stepmother, into starting a relationship with Martín as "Aurorita." Going back and forth between her two identities and having relationships with both Lorenzo and Martín proves to much for Aurora to handle and she begins to believe she actually is "Aurorita." Eventually, Aurora confesses to everyone, except Martín, that there is only one Aurora. Lorenzo tells Martín that "Aurorita" died so he is not hurt by all the lies, but Vanessa Miller (now played by Aylin Mujica) tells Martín the truth. Martín is furious that he was lied to by the people he loved the most and declares he wants nothing to do with Aurora. Lorenzo and Aurora decide to live together with Blanca so they can be family, but decide it's best not to have a relationship since they don't want to hurt Martín.

One year passes. Aurora and Lorenzo still maintain a platonic relationship. Aurora and Lorenzo decide to pretend to be engaged in order to adopt an abandoned baby named Tommy. However, it is clear they both wish it were real. Aurora desperately wants to be happy with the love of her life, but does not want to come in between father and son, or at least till she is truly forgiven by Martín.

Martín is still heartbroken over Aurora and has barely had any contact with his family in the past year. To ease his pain, he has been having a casual relationship with a woman named Diana del Valle (Zuleyka Rivera). But Martín has devoted most of his time to finding a cure for Vanessa's daughter, Vicky (Vanessa Pose), who was frozen after being poisoned by Elizabeth. It is revealed that Cesar, who was believed to have been murdered a year earlier by Catalina Perez-Quintana (Zully Montero), Vanessa's mother, is actually alive and Martín had agreed to help Vicky in exchange for Cesar's safety (Cesar murdered Catalina's husband in self-defense). Martín and Aurora have a chance encounter where he tells her he does not love her anymore and that while he can't forgive her, he wants her and Lorenzo to be together so his beloved father can finally be happy.

Aurora and Lorenzo finally reunite and decide to get married. At the same time Martín finds a cure for Vicky. To prove it works, Catalina tells Martín to poison himself and then take the remedy. Indifferent to the possibility he may die, Martín agrees. Federico interrupts Lorenzo and Aurora's wedding and announces that Martín is dying. Aurora is devastated and runs off, believing she is responsible and unaware that Martín is still alive. After being reunited, Aurora tells Lorenzo that she can no longer be with him because of the all the bad things that have happened. Lorenzo is heartbroken, but agrees to stay away from Aurora.

Martín manages to revive Vicky. Vicky wakes up with no memory and falls instantly in love with Martín. Though they agreed to split up for good, Lorenzo refuses to let things end with Aurora. Aurora discovers due to the affects of cryogenics, she is dying slowly. Aurora decides that she should enjoy the rest of her life and reunites with Lorenzo, but doesn't tell him about her illness. Martin's biological mother, Veronica (Leslie Stewart), is poisoned by Elizabeth and, on her deathbed, she reveals a shocking secret to Martín: Lorenzo isn't his father. She had a brief affair with Lorenzo's identical twin brother, Sebastian, who is Martín's biological father. Later on, Martín is shocked to discover that Lorenzo was once suspected of murdering Sebastian. When Martín tells Lorenzo the truth, he refuses to believe that Martín is not his son. Lorenzo admits that he was the last person with Sebastian but he did not kill him. Martín sees his true paternity as a good thing, because it means they are not a father and son who fell in love with the same woman.

Throughout their time together, Martín and Vicky have become very close. Though he has tried not to, it is clear he has started to fall for her, but Martín tells Vicky that he is never going to fall in love again because he is always going to be in love with Aurora.

Martín finds out that his maternal grandfather left him a large inheritance that he can only have if he is married. He originally is not interested in the money until Gustavo tells him he may lose the clinic. Martín agrees to get his inheritance to save it, since they need the clinic's resources to continue to look for the solution to Aurora's illness, which could also affect Vicky. He proposes to Diana, who is genuinely in love with him but accepts their marriage being a business deal. Vicky is devastated, but is relieved when it is revealed that Martín cannot get his inheritance if he marries someone who is divorced, which Diana is. Martín reluctantly agrees to marry Vicky. After the wedding, Martín realizes he really wants to be with Vicky and declares his love for her. Ernesto and Diana team up to try to separate Vicky & Martin,Ceaser gets Blanca and Vanessa pregnant. Auro also gets pregnant has has a girl who she later names Aurora (a.k.a Aurorita)

Vicky is hired to play Aurora in "Aurora" a pruduction by Enersto and Lorenzo. One day while everyone was at the premire of the production, Aurorita suddenly gets cold and Auroa decides to take her to her father's hospital. In their way there, they encounter a group of paparrotzii who don't stop taking pictures causing Auroa to crash and later dies. In her deathbed she tell Lorenzo that she will send him a sign (random pouring rain). Later she dies and Angela (a successful lawyer who became very ill and needed a heart inplant) gets her heart.

Nina (the daughter Natalia had with Enersto, before marrying Lorenzo) gets raped by a group of guys, and she tells Ceasar. In discovering the guys Ceasar and Christain (Aurora's godmother's son, who has a sexual relationship with Nina) decide to fight the guys. In revenge the group of rapist go to Nina's house where they find Natalia, who they also rape. Angered, Lorenzo hunts the guys down and plans to turn them in, but in attempt to get the last guy, the guy falls from the roof. Lornzo is arrested accused of murdered. Angela decides to take his case as a way of thanking Auruoa for her heart. When Angela and Lorenzo meet, it suddenely starts raining.

Angela is able to get Lorenzo out of jail, but falls in love with him (so does he but he doesn't want to admitt it). They decide to become partners in bussiness and buy a resturant. At this time Ernesto and Diana try to seperate Vicky but are arrested for putting her life in danger. Ernesto escapes and kidnaps Vicky. When he sees that he has to let her go, he burns her cheek with acid and runs off. Martin finally finds her and takes her home. When Martin finds Ernesto's hiding spot he goes, where they have a fight and Martin burn Ernesto's face with acid. The police arrived and take Ernesto.

Lorenzo and Angela finally confess each other's love and decide to live together. Vicky gets pregnant and has her first child. Elizabeth operates Vicky and makes the scares of the burn go away. Vicky has another baby and everyone lives happily ever after.

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