Ni Contigo... Ni Sin Ti Capitulo Final Telenovela

Ni Contigo... Ni Sin Ti finally end. Telenovela Kingdom bring the synopsis of this final chapter. Enjoy!

Ni Contigo... Ni Sin Ti Capitulo Final is the time whenever Leo again married with Nicole, his eyes and in an emotional ceremony.

Nicole and Leo are the passion in a romantic night comes.

Veronica stops and thinks about hanging José Carlos, take pictures with your cell phone and says that these pictures are going to love your friends and leaves the room, leaving him tied up and crying.

The next day goes to Fabiola pawn the ring, but she sees a policeman, and she returns she tells Philip to go, they approach the police and says he is around women who are looking for.

Fabiola parents go to the police for help and find it, both are very saddened by her behavior.

Nicole and Leo to go to the cemetery before it that Ms. Miranda is also sees, asks Leo to take the lead.

Mrs. Miranda comes to the grave of Clara and she apologizes for leaving, he opens his heart and says he is sorry for all sounds, everything shifted and Leo.

Hear their desperation, Leo comes to his grandmother and asked for time to give, understand and forgive, hugs and kisses.

Fabiola policy approaches and stops, Felipa seen in the distance.

Doña Leo Miranda invited to dinner at the guesthouse, she gets very happy and hugs Nicole.

Police also arrested Felipa, as you say, she was his accomplice immediately alert with a Iker and Juliet.

Hold on the other side of Jose Carlos, they declare that they have a video accepted his guilt on the attempted rape of Nicole.

The day of the operation of Leo, all accompanying hospital board.

Fabiola is very bad in jail, told the doctor have a tumor and must operate as quickly as possible.

Leo was the operating room and operate it, if placed in the recovery room waiting for Nicole and care in every moment.

The doctor will remove the patches and drops into the eye, Nicole reassured him, asks him to slowly open your eyes, Leo gets hysterical because he can not see Nicole again tried to hug him, he invites left alone, begins to and says he does not believe in miracles mourn.

Very sad, Nicole told everyone that the operation does not, Mrs. Miranda is crying inconsolably, everyone gets wrong.

Later, when Leo is quieter Nicole enters the room, he says that he not marry because it’s not fair, she strapped on a blind person, she says she does not care whether or not to be, and ensures that love above all things, Leo insists he wants to become a leader, Nicole tells him to get married as planned, because it’s not fair to make that decision.

Then, Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti Capitulo Final avance also concern Leo who apologizes for not getting married, she says, he does not love her and makes it clear that they in the church, as they were waiting, he says, is if his disappointment that his love is stronger then and goes.

Jose Carlos Marco from the prison, but he makes it clear that they no longer friends, and did it easily and therefore believes his family is informed that the speech of all, because I went to Internet video.

A lawyer tells Philip to stay locked for 10 years, while Fabiola told that his sentence is 16 years, she becomes hysterical and begs him to give up drugs, the lawyer tells you that your cancer is advanced and brought to a hospital.

The wedding day, Nicole willing, the church is going to ask his mother if she sure she says yes, because Leo loves.

To convince Iker, Lalo and Bosco home of Mrs. Leo Miranda, to go to his wedding, he did not open the door of his room to say despite all go.

Weeping, Nicole asks her father to help him think about Leo and come to church, that is the happiest day of your life.

Don Chuy and tell Mrs. Caro Nicole is very beautiful and Gelasius is watching from heaven.

When they come to church, offered to Yola, first specify whether Leo was, she tells him the best as he does not return, Leo then arrives and asks to speak with her alone.

Leo says that almost the worst nonsense of his life, tells him that he promised that he remembers Don Gelasius tailored to care for all, Nicole tells him she loves him and they kiss, Mrs. Caro comes and gives a beat and Leo scolds him that annoyed her daughter.

In a moving religious ceremony, the father named man and woman, they welcome the guests, then Leo’s eyes and kisses her again.

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