La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 137 Telenovela

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La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 137, first talk about Gustavo who spends more time with Cinthia, leads him breakfast in bed, then touch the window, she knows she is Ephraim and do not know what to do.

Vanessa Bruno and kiss passionately, they are now more attuned than ever.

Later, La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 137 also concern about Cinthia wjo puts a stop to Ephraim and says he wants to tell the truth if it does, but she did tell him the same as what they did to Mary.

Cinthia and Bruno discovers that Vanessa had relationships, draw conclusions and discover that they were the ones that marred the contract with Singapore.

Roger tells Paula that if you discover that Bruno and Vanessa had a hand in the cancellation of the contract in Singapore, will make them pay.
So, what will happen?

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