How To Become an Entrepreneur

The definition of "entrepreneur" is a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. Here 13 steps to become entrepreneur
1. Create your new entrepreneurial mindset.
2. Get out three blank sheets of white paper and a pen or pencil.
3. Write down all of your new ideas as an entrepreneur on the first sheet of paper. .
4. Write your short-, middle- and long-term goals down on the second sheet of paper.
5. Write down fifty things you want to experience in your life now on the third sheet of paper.
6. Integrate personal development into your daily lifestyle.
7. Give yourself a command and follow it. .
8. Keep your new mindset positive by hanging around like-minded individuals.
9. Take seven minutes out of everyday to visualize the end result of your goal in your mind.
10. Put four positive affirmation statements on a sticky note around your home, office, and work area in times when you need to be encouraged as you move forward with your new idea.
11. Sign your name to the sheets of papers with your new ideas, goals, and the things you want in your life as an entrepreneur.
12. Make a decision to yourself that you will never give up on your new ideas and goals until you see them manifest in your life.
13. Take action on your new ideas and goals as an entrepreneur.

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stacie28 dijo...

very good post on how to become an entrepreneur! I really appreciate successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Yuri Mintskovsky or Larry Page. I would like to meet these great businessmen in person! I could learn so many interesting things from them!