Dos Hogares synopsis

Dos Hogares (Two Homes), also known as Double Life, is a Spanish-language telenovela starring Anahí, Carlos Ponce, Sergio Goyri, Alfredo Adame, Laura León, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, Joana Benedek and Olivia Collins. Canal de las Estrellas aired Dos Hogares from June 27, 2011 to January 20, 2012, with Abismo de Pasión replacing it. As of October 31, 2011, Univision is airing Dos Hogares at 3pm central, replacing one hour of Ni Contigo... Ni Sin Ti.

Angélica Estrada (Anahí) is a veterinarian committed to her job. Angélica marries Santiago Ballesteros (Carlos Ponce), a young and good looking architect. Soon after, Santiago suffers an accident and disappears, being declared "officially dead". After two years of mourning, Angélica finds love in Ricardo Valtierra (Sergio Goyri), a wealthy and attractive older man. Santiago reappears and tries to recover his life and Angélica’s heart. Angélica now faces with a big dilemma: she is married to two different men, both of whom she loves and needs.

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