Dos Hogares Capitulo Final Telenovela

Dos Hogares your favorite telenovela finally ends. Telenovela Kingdom bring the synopsis of this final chapter. Enjoy readers!

Dos Hogares Capitulo Final talks about Angelica who discovers that the gun is missing and suspected that Ricardo was looking for Christopher, Gaspar arrives and tells her suspicions.

Flower for Javier, he is surprised and she talks to Alexander was fired for breach of trust, Javier is happy and tells him not to resign, the two settle their differences.

Jorge arrived at the apartment and found Beatrice lying on the floor unconscious, immediately speaks to an ambulance.

Gardenia tells Angelica that already has the scripts in the name of Richard, then realizes that he lied.

Patricia has an attack of hysteria that made him Christopher also feels very alone, with everything that has happened to decide to change.

Ricardo, Angelica, Gaspar and Carmela breakfast together in harmony, are happy to be together, at that time arrives Patricia to apologize for everything bad that they did.

Christopher Eleazar looking at the hospital, who lies in bed unable to move, we were informed that no money or property, he claims to have treated as your servant and tells him so pitiful to see him and wishes him worse.

Very sorry, in Dos Hogares Capitulo Final is about Armando seeks Ricardo to apologize and thank you heart that has saved my life, both shake hands and liman roughness.

During the celebration, an envoy Christopher Angelica tries to shoot him, Ricardo is aware and struggles with him, firing the gun twice, so that both drop dead.

In a dog show, Santiago tells Angelica that has long ceased to think and say that you know what happened to Ricardo, gives his condolences, he confesses that he married Adela because they never stopped love, he says that if given the opportunity to decide to be happy he will be waiting.

On the other hand, Adela is responsible for an important work, here comes an architect and proposes to work in his office.

Angelica and James have a beautiful family with two babies, swear once again love forever.

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