Por ella soy Eva Capitulo 17 Telenovela

Por ella soy Eva is awaited series in television screens, Televisa. The fans Por ella soy Eva, surely wondering, how the storyline will goes? To reduce the curiosity of fans of Por ella soy Eva, Telenovela Kingdom invited to listen to a synopsis Por ella soy Eva Capitulo 17 Online, below.

Maybe synopsis Por ella soy Eva Capitulo 17 in Telenovela Kingdom, can not satisfy you, but at least, an outline of Por ella soy Eva Capitulo 17 Telenovela, can know. Do not forget to watch on television screens.

Por ella soy Eva Capitulo 17 transmitted live on Tuesday 13 March 2012, on Telemundo. Have you seen the previous chapter? If not yet, I suggest seeing it first so you are not confused to follow the rest of the story. You do not have to worry any missed a chapter of this telenovela, because I will always present to you Por ella soy Eva per each chapter. Enjoy this interesting story with the peoples that you love.

Por ella soy Eva Capitulo 17: Juan Carlos Caballero, unrepentant seducer who uses women and does not believe in love, is a prominent executive of Empire Group, a leading company engaged in business activities and tourism. Using his famous conqueror skills pretends to be a foreign employer and tries to rob Helena Moreno, a single mother entrepreneur-its innovative tourism development project for a Mexican beach, however, against all odds, to live with her lover is discovered first. When you think reveal the truth is discovered by her, and yet is wrongly accused of a substantial fraud by the CFO of the company where he works, the perverse Plutarco Ramos, who is also the one who actually has won a major project Helena and now, like the Tourism Commission, accused of plagiarism. Pursued by police, Juan Carlos flees, while in Group empire, hire Plutarco decide Helena to be she who directed the project, the young, unemployed and with a charge over, is forced to accept the position to demonstrate that he suffered a deception.

Por ella soy Eva Capitulo 17

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