La Mariposa synopsis

As another classified as narco-history novel presents La Mariposa. Maria Adelaida Puerta is "La Mariposa", a beautiful and smart businesswoman, dedicated to launder drug dollars.

To his dismay, "La Mariposa" who falls in love with the aims to capture it for their crimes.

"La Mariposa" has been based on an original story by Gerardo Reyes, a leading investigative reporter for the newspaper "The Herald".

Puerta is accompanied is this novel by Michel Brown, Maria Fernanda Yepes and Savior Zerboni, remembered for his character in "El Ratas" La Reina del Sur.

The story of a love capable of jeopardizing the most sophisticated and risky secret operative of the United States to dismantle highly organized money laundering operations. Alicia Benítez, AKA "La Mariposa" (María Adelaida Puerta), is a member of the largest money laundering operation in the country. Her task is to send the money laundered from the United States back to Colombia. She'll meet Manuel Martínez (Michel Brown), a D4 Unit agent, who's working undercover to catch her group, with the support of Laurens, his former girlfriend, and Smith, a quite strict and by the books North American agent. Martínez has a plan to infiltrate La Mariposa's organization. When Alicia and her assistant, Ovalle, are being followed by the D4 they run for help to Raquel, Ovalle's lover and an elite escort, unaware of the fact that she's an undercover spy. Thanks to Raquel, agent Martínez presents himself as the Latin American President of Phoenix Investments Corporation, a company that manages investment funds to help the mafia solve financial problems.

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