Un Refugio para el Amor Capitulo 5 Telenovela

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Un Refugio para el Amor Capitulo 5 must be a great show, since Ariché says goodbye to Luciana , he tells her that is sp sad but it is best to go before Don Achilles harmed.

Rodrigo offers help to Luciana. Yet, Patrick is upset with Roselena, demands that no one see or be disturbed. Meanwhile, Magda tells her daughter Violet Paz works nights nursing the sick.

Luciana is going on the train, Rodrigo asks where he goes and sends her love, she is surprised and pleased.

Later, Un Refugio para el Amor Cap 5 tells about Lorenzo who tells her friend Luciana, she need to go to the capital, asked not to tell anyone because Don Achilles might know.

Luciana comes to Mexico City. Don Achilles calls his assistant to get him the address of the whereabouts of Luciana and kills him.

Juliet tells him to Roselena is very happy, as Rodrigo and Gala marry soon, Roselena is surprised by the news. Whats next?

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