Por ella soy Eva synopsis

Por ella soy Eva is a Mexican telenovela, produced by Rosy Ocampo for Televisa. Its based on the Colombian original En los tacones de Eva. Jaime Camil and Lucero are the main protagonists, while Mariana Seoane and Marcelo Córdoba serve as the main antagonists. Canal de las Estrellas originally planned to air the telenovela on February 13, 2012; it's currently airing as of February 20, 2012, replacing Una familia con suerte.

Juan Carlos Caballero (Jaime Camil), unrepentant seducer who uses women and does not believe in love, is a prominent executive of Grupo Imperio, a leading company engaged in business activities and tourism.

Using his famous conqueror skills pretends to be a foreign employer and tries to rob Helena Moreno (Lucero)-a single mother entrepreneur-its innovative tourism development project for a Mexican beach, however, against all odds, to live with it love is discovered for the first time.

When you think reveal the truth is discovered by her, and yet is wrongly accused of a substantial fraud by the CFO of the company where he works, the perverse Plutarch Ramos (Marcelo Cordoba), who is also the one who actually stole Helena a major project and now, like the Tourism Commission, accused of plagiarism.

Pursued by police, Juan Carlos flees, while in Grupo Imperio, Plutarch Helena decides to hire to be she who directed the project, the young, unemployed and with a charge over, is forced to accept the position to prove that it was victim of a hoax. That's when Juan Carlos, who is hidden, is the opportunity to return to clear his name at all and regain the love of Helena.

How to be near Helena without her knowing and how to investigate who indicted him unfairly in the massive fraud? Juan Carlos makes an effort and decides, for the love of Helena, characterized Eva thus learn a lesson that will change your outlook on life and their perception of women to become a man of integrity and power finally delivered to the true love.

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