La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 124 Telenovela

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La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 124 is about Gustavo (Ron Joseph) who talks with Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras) and says he does not believe that one day can change your feelings for her, kiss her impulsively achieved.

On the other hand, Bruno (Julian Gil) tells Ephraim (Fabián Robles) you need someone you trust, if he accepts can get a good amount of money and stop supporting humiliation.

Whereas, La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 124 also concern about Cinthia (Susan Gonzalez) who reproached pregnancy that since he no longer goes to her, he tells her not want to put baby at risk. Cinthia angry curses be pregnant.

Ana Paula tells Roger (Jorge Salinas) that the greatest gift that has been since they met is the one who has proposed marriage, even excited Paula asked to think things through and the promise of marriage.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and Ephraim kiss. Unexpectedly, Bruno’s has been discovered and it tells Ephraim that now understands the real reasons why they do not want to leave the hacienda.

What will she do now that she know Bruno the love affair between Cynthia and Ephraim?

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