Esperanza del corazón Capitulo 146 Telenovela

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The day of the wedding of Lucretia (Lucia Mendez), on Esperanza del corazón Capitulo 146, all are gathered in the mansion Dupris. They are totally sure of the step that will, Silvestre (Juan Carlos Barreto) gives the bride.

Gladys (Alejandra Avalos) starts having contractions during the ceremony and Bobby, meanwhile, begins to flirt with Laureano.

Orlando and Lucretia seal their love with a kiss, she admits she has achieved everything he dreamed and announced that Orlando will live thereafter.

Angela Lucrecia asks forgiveness, thanks you not hate and aseguraque may be the best wife for his son and the best mother to her grandchildren. When Franco arrives, joins his hands and asked to join his love forever.

Then, Ezperanza Del Corazon Cap 146 also concern about Angela who tells Franco he wants to marry him again and kiss loving lot.

Aldo (Lisardo) arrives disguised and while Franco and Angel confess their love and prepare for a new life, he points a gun at them. Regina comes suddenly, Aldo shoots and she dies instantly. Lorenza breaks a vase on his head and manages to knock him to Aldo.

Picochulo devoted himself to painting and making sculptures with garbage, recycling his art. Proved very efficient Wampi selling these paintings, both were a dumbbell very important in the art world.

Macarena was long thought by Mariano, but one day he was visited by Laureano, who will provide part of Franco’s papers owned by the island on which it lives. Laureano invited her to be the female voice in his concerts. A few months later they announced their marriage.

Krista (Carmen Aub) and Brandon are planning to marry after they finish the race. She has had great success with its center to help people and seeking to whole life to do so. Whats next?

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