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Emperatriz is a Mexican telenovela produced by Fides Velasco for Azteca. It stars Gabriela Spanic as the title character, while Bernie Paz as the male lead. Other casts include Sergio de Bustamante, Julieta Egurrola, Adriana Louvier, Marimar Vega, Miriam Higareda, Alberto Guerra, Rafael Sanchez Navarro and Carmen Delgado. Omar Fierro made special appearance in the first five episodes, and later returns in the final part of the series. The filimg process started from 17 March 2011 to 30 September 2011. The series premiered on 5 April 2011, 19 days after filmingthe first scene, at 8:30pm, occupying Prófugas del Destino's slot, and ended on 8 November 2011.

Betrayal destroyed her dreams. Today she seeks revenge.
Abroad Emperatriz is all alone, pregnant with her second child and about to be deported. In her desperation, she calls Armando. What she doesn't know is that the man she loves is celebrating his wife Alma Rosa Del Real's birthday together with his daughters, Esther, Elisa and Elena. Esther, the oldest, is the baby he took from Emperatriz when she was doing time in prison for a crime Armando had committed. Armando's response forces her to face up to the truth: he has mocked her love contemptibly. Many years ago and following the advice of Perfecta -her mother-, Emperatriz gave her baby girl to Armando in the belief that they would be together some day. When she was freed, the cunning manipulator made her think she could be put in jail again, and so it would be best if she went somewhere far away. Emperatriz's deep blinding pain now needs to be avenged; from now on her objective is to get her daughter back and to destroy the man she once so loved.
Emperatriz finds the necessary support to be able to return to her country and look for her daughter in Manuel, an intelligent businessman. The plans of the allies change for two reasons: the attraction between them; and the impulsive nature of her dazzling beauty. Their lives dart when Emperatriz shows up at the Del Real family mansion and meets Alejandro, an attractive widower whom Justo Del Real treats as his own son. Thanks to Alejandro, Emperatriz's heart starts beating again.
Alma Rosa dies from a heart attack after engaging in a fierce argument with Emperatriz, whose desire to destroy Armando's family is fulfilled. However, thinking that Elisa is her daughter, the stylish and smart woman tries hard to be close to her. After the death of Alma Rosa and the suicide of Armando, Elisa finds strong reasons for wanting to destroy Emperatriz. On a different front, Esther, Emperatriz's and Armando's real daughter, was only a child when she found out that the sweet-natured Alma Rosa was not her mother. The shock was so great she tried to kill herself. It was Elisa who saved her from death by drowning and this tragedy is the root of the indestructible bond that forms between the two girls, with the result that Elisa will go to any length to protect her sister from Emperatriz's cruelty. As a result Esther is sent to Switzerland by Justo Del Real, her grandfather.
Alejandro's rejects Emperatriz, as he blames her for the misfortune of his nieces-in-law. As her relationship with her mother improves, Emperatriz ends up finding out the identity of her father: Justo Del Real.
When she turns 18, Esther comes back to meet up again with her sisters and to find her real mother. Mother and daughter meet as they struggle to conquer Alejandro's love while destiny guides them to a point of no return… where Esther's rival is the woman who gave birth to her, and the young woman the daughter Emperatriz has so longed for.
Shortly after the grand final epidode ended, "Emperatriz" quickly became a trending topic (Mexico) in Twitter. In 30 minutes time, it reached the forth spot, from the eighth.

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