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Corazón salvaje (Wild Heart) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía Alejandre in conjunction with Televisa and broadcast on El Canal de las Estrellas. The telenovela debuted on 12 October 2009 at 9:00 pm, replacing Sortilegio, and aired for a total of 135 episodes. The final episode was broadcast on 16 April 2010, and the program was replaced with Soy tu dueña. In the United States, the telenovela debuted on 22 February 2010 at 9:00 pm on Univisión, again replacing Sortilegio. However, beginning on 26 April, the program was moved from prime time to the 12:00 midnight time slot.

This telenovela marks the return to the genre of Aracely Arámbula, who portrays the dual role of twins Regina and Aimée Montes de Oca. It also stars Eduardo Yáñez and Cristián de la Fuente as the twins' primary love interests. Corazón salvaje, written by Liliana Abud, is the fourth in a series of television adaptations of the classic 1957 novel of the same name, which was written by Caridad Bravo Adams; in addition, in this program Bravo's original story is fused with that of the 1990 telenovela Yo compro esa mujer, which also featured Corazón salvaje stars Yáñez and Enrique Rocha.

Corazón salvaje debuted in Mexico with a rating of 28.1 and a share of 46%. At the 2010 Premios TVyNovelas, the novela was nominated nine times, but ultimately won no awards.

In the year 1850, María del Rosario (Laura Flores) falls in love with Juan de Dios San Román (Osvaldo Ríos), a humble fisherman, unaware that another man, Rodrigo Montes de Oca (Enrique Rocha) is in love with her. María del Rosario confesses her love for Juan de Dios to her sister, Leonarda (Helena Rojo), and tells her of their plans to wed, unaware that Leonarda harbors a deep hatred for her sister because she herself is secretly in love with Rodrigo. Leonarda tells Rodrigo about her sister's wedding plans, and he uses his influence with the authorities to stop the wedding and incarcerate Juan de Dios for life. While visiting him in prison, María del Rosario confesses to Juan de Dios that she is expecting their child. Rodrigo and Leonarda decide to confine María del Rosario to an estate by the sea; Juan de Dios escapes from jail and searches for María del Rosario, but Rodrigo discovers and stops him.

María del Rosario gives birth to her son, whom Leonarda sends away to be raised in an orphanage while lying to her sister that the baby died. Upon hearing the news, María del Rosario spirals into insanity, so Leonarda decides to deceive Rodrigo and pass her sister off as dead while locking María del Rosario away in a basement dungeon. All the while, Leonarda is unaware that María del Rosario's little son has been rescued by Remigio (Luis Gatica), who adopts the boy as his brother and takes the child to be raised by Aurora and baptizes him as Juan de Dios, as requested by a note left with the baby.

Leonarda expects to win Rodrigo after her sister's supposed death, but when Rodrigo responds by leaving Mexico, she decides to marry Noel Vidal (René Casados), Rodrigo's friend whom she nonetheless does not love. After a few years, they have a son together, Renato (Cristián de la Fuente). Meanwhile, Juan de Dios, Sr. dedicates himself to searching for his son; though he finds the boy, he does not dare to approach him for fear of being rejected.

Soon, Rodrigo announces his return, and Leonarda believes that he is returning for her, but to her great surprise he arrives married to Constanza (Laisha Wilkins), who is pregnant. Leonarda poisons Constanza, who dies shortly after giving birth to twins Regina and Aimée (both portrayed by Aracely Arámbula). The years go by, and all of the children have grown. Juan de Dios, Sr., feeling that death is close, decides to reclaim his son and takes the boy to live with him. Noel, upon learning of the approaching death of Juan de Dios, Sr. and the true maternity of Juan de Dios, Jr., decides that the boy should live with the Montes de Oca and take his proper place in their family. Juan de Dios, Sr., before dying, asks his son to make an oath of vengeance, and from this moment the boy becomes Juan del Diablo. Renato identifies with Juan del Diablo, but Leonarda fiercely opposes the idea that her sister's bastard son should live with them. Juan del Diablo meets Santiago Aldama (Archie Lanfranco), who adopts him and takes him to Europe, where he receives a good education and swears to fulfill the oath he made to his father.

Time passes, and in 1880 the now adult Juan decides to return to Mexico to fulfill the oath, only now he has the surnames of his adoptive parents. Juan meets Aimée, who is impressed with him, and a torrid relationship full of eroticism and sensuality is born between the two. Regina, Aimée's twin sister, disapproves of the relationship. Regina wants to marry Renato because she has been in love with him since she was a little girl, but Renato is in love with Aimée, so Regina enters a convent and becomes a nun. Aimée accepts that she must marry Renato, but she continues to secretly meet with Juan. Juan discovers eventually that Aimée is the daughter of his worst enemy and leaves her so that he will not hurt her.

Aimée promises to wait for Juan, but once he leaves she marries Renato. When Juan returns, he learns of the marriage and decides to have revenge, but his passion for Aimée again defeats him, and an illicit relationship is established between the two. When Renato is at the point of discovering that Aimée is cheating on him with Juan, Regina intervenes to save her sister by pretending to be the woman that Juan was secretly seeing. Renato thus obligates Juan to marry Regina. Juan takes Regina on a trip, and she discovers that he is an admirable person full of virtue. Juan and Regina fall profoundly in love, and he completely forgets the passion that he felt for Aimée and finally knows true love. While Juan and Regina continue their amorous trip, Renato discovers Aimée's betrayal and, believing that Regina is in danger at Juan's side, dedicates himself to searching for them and making Juan pay for having slept with his wife.

Aimée searches for a way to win Juan back but he tells her that he feels nothing for her now, because he has discovered true love in Regina. Aimée tries to find a way to get rid of her sister, but she who ends up losing her life is Aimée herself, she gets caught drugging Renato as he walks in and ask her what was she doing, all this leads to Aimee telling Renato everything about Juan and hers affair, Renato tries to choke her but she escapes his grip, and runs into the woods. Aimee runs to the witch to which whome gave her the potion to drug Renato,and ask her for help. The witch says all she can do for her is give her a horse that a merchant traded her for help, then tells Aimee to run to the lowest part of the river stream and swim to the other side because that will distort the scent Renato's dogs have of Aimee and won't chase her, Aimee scurries and gets lost, she ends up going the wrong way, and ends up high on a cliff above the beach. Renato is on a horse and dogs are chasing Aimee in her horse, Renato see's her and tells her to stop. Aimee keeps going,now she is at the tip corner of the cliff, the horse she is on gets scared and haults. Aimee is lost in this dark stormy night,and as the horse stands on its hind legs Aimee falls on and off the cliff, and rolls down all the rubble on to the beach causing her death. Renato scared, and with some help of farm workers nearby goes and gets her lifeless body puts her on his horse and takes her to the mansion, and lies her on her bed. Then he goes to confront Juan when Juan tells him it was Aimee who kept on looking for him even when he tried to forget her, and that this was why he barged into their wedding to stop it because he could not believe she led him on and lied. This is when Juan tells him to ask Aimee to see which one was lying, and Renato tells Juan that its not possible because Aimee just died, this is when Regina overhears and starts crying telling Renato to take her to Aimee. That same night is when Don Rodrigo finds out it was in some kind of way Renato's fault for his daughter Aimee's death he slapped Renato, Rodrigo breaks down and this is when Leonarda tells them that Aimee was never pregnant. Days later after Aimee's funeral Renato, determined to get rid of Juan and win back Regina's love, confronts Juan in a great battle in which Juan is victorious. Renato is unable to resign himself to having lost Regina and decides to kill his enemy, but Noel, his father, convinces him to end his struggle against Juan, blessing Juan and Regina's relationship.

Renato stops interfering with Juan del Diablo and Regina's relationship. Noel stops Rodrigo from trying to kill Juan del Diablo, Rodrigo locks Leonarda in the dungeons which she kept Maria del rosario, there Leonarda dies from starvation. Once in jail Noel visits Rodrigo, this is when Rodrigo tells Noel that he has a big surprise in the dungeons and in one month no less, go see what it is, a month passes and Noel goes see, and is shocked to see the remains of Leonarda locked in there. Regina and Juan are now willing to live together for years and years to come. Renato dies while trying to save Regina from Arcadio, Arcadio also dies when Rodrigo kills him before he goes to jail. Rodrigo later dies in jail from a heart attack and collapses on some hay pile that falls after him when on the wall is revealed "Maria del Rosario" this was Juan's dad whom wrote this when he was in that same jail cell years ago. Juan del Diablo San Roman and Regina Montes de Oca finally get married and set sail into the sunset on Juan's ship.

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